About the Pod Caravan

People describe The Pod as ‘the most luxurious rolling tent’, ‘the cutest teardrop caravan’, ‘the quality others aspire to’ and ‘the art of camping’. One thing is certain – it draws attention wherever it goes. That’s why it’s widely known as ‘the coolest caravan on the planet’.

The Pod. Designed and handmade in rural Somerset.

The Pod Caravan company is a family-run business owned by husband and wife, Nigel and Paula Broderick. Their passions include adventure, classic cars, wildlife and challenges, and they have competed around the world in rallies including the World Cup, Safari Rally, Peking to Paris and the Classic Monte Carlo. Nigel and Paula were listed twice in the Sunday Times/Virgin Top 100 Fastest Growing Companies and they are proud to have won the BT Innovations Award.

Nigel and Paula retired from business to buy a cattle ranch in Africa and transform it into a game reserve specialising in endangered antelope. After this, they returned to Somerset for the good life. But the couple missed the challenge and fun of business and enthusiastically jumped at the chance to own the Pod Caravan company. Nigel can now generally be found building Pods in the workshop next door to their house, ‘helped’ by their two dogs, Mungo and Boysie.

The Pod is everything the Brodericks love: the outdoor life, a quality product, innovation and, above all, simplicity.

Nigel believes you can’t beat simplicity:

“There’s no plumbing to leak, no chemicals to add and no tanks to fill or empty. Just hitch up and go. Above all, the pod is made for a purpose, not to a price. I have seen too many products fail because production costs are cut and inferior materials used to produce a cheap product. The quality of the materials and the build will always determine the longevity and value of a product, and I really saw that in The Pod”.

Re-engineered retro.

The Pod caravan was recently re-engineered using SMART technology and modern lightweight materials. This results in a product of exceptional quality and strength, while retaining the original charm, practicality and deceptively spacious accommodation.

No burdens. No complications.

Adventurous travellers love the clever design of this mini teardrop caravan… Continue to love the outdoor life and camping, but without the burden of tents or complications of caravans.

The Pod appeared on Blue Peter, The Caravan Show, Carry on Caravanning, and in many broadsheets and publications. It was also featured in the window of Bonpoint, an exclusive clothing store in Paris and in Garden Style by Rochelle Greyer.