The Coolest Caravan on the Planet

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Designed & hand made in Britain

– The convenience of camping without the complications of larger caravans –
– Can be towed with a standard driving licence and by the smallest of cars –
– Ideal for weekends, short breaks, festivals and sporting events –
– Can be stored in a single garage –

Iconic and stylish, The Pod is the original retro teardrop caravan designed and hand made in Britain. Inspired by 1940s and 50s designs and launched in the millennium, The Pod caravan has more recently been re-engineered using SMART technology and modern lightweight materials. The result is a product of exceptional quality and strength while retaining the original charm, practicality and deceptively spacious accommodation. It really needs experiencing to be believed!

The Pod is assembled in our Somerset workshop using specialist British manufactured components. The Pod’s galvanised steel chassis and clever design allows smaller wheels than other micro caravans providing superior handling from a low centre of gravity. The six-ply tyres give maximum performance and safety, while retractable legs support The Pod on uneven ground. A lightweight fibreglass composite single moulding shell means no panel joints, giving exceptional structural stability, preventing drafts and ensuring zero water ingress. BS164-compliant roof and floor vents, double layer composite doors and aluminium-framed laminated safety glass porthole windows improve The Pod’s rigidity, thermal efficiency, safety and security.

The Pod has appeared on Blue Peter, The Caravan Show, Carry on Caravanning, and in many broadsheets and publications. It has also featured in the window of Bonpoint, an exclusive clothing store in Paris and in Garden Style by Rochelle Greyer.

sleeping in the pod teardrop caravan


Three luxury deep foam cushions combine to make a comfortable double bed just short of 4’6” wide (standard double bed size) and 6’ in length with the galley kitchen fitted, while the pop-up kitchen provides an extra 18” of legroom for tall people – and that’s more than most full size caravans! As you would expect, only the best quality materials are used for the covers and curtains.

cooking in a pod teardrop caravan


Our kitchens are hand made in traditional birch ply with a painted finish; we do not use the heavier and cheaper MDF or hardboard. Accessed from a top hung door supported by calibrated gas struts, the galley kitchen provides space for preparing and cooking meals as well as drawers for storage. The kitchen can also be reached from inside the dining area – or from the bed for a cup of morning tea!

eating in the pod teardrop caravan


Converting the bed to a dining area couldn’t be simpler and takes no more than a minute. The unique drop down foot well, not available on any competing product, creates a normal seating position allowing four people to dine at the table.

The Construction

Pod Construction

The heavily galvanised steel chassis runs on small wheels with six-ply tyres to provide superior handling, performance and safety. The single moulding shell provides exceptional structural stability without leaks or drafts, whilst the double layer composite doors and laminated safety glass windows improve the pod’s rigidity, thermal efficiency, safety and security.

towing a pod teardrop caravan


Towing couldn’t be simpler. With an unladen weight of 320 kg and super aerodynamics The Pod tows beautifully from even the smallest of cars and can be towed on a standard driving licence. To start your journey simply hook up and go. When you return just unhook, push and store. Nothing could be easier.

maintenance of a pod teardrop caravan


Minimal maintenance is a key feature of The Pod. There is no plumbing to leak, no chemicals to replace, no storage tanks to drain, and no complicated electrics. There aren’t even any brakes to maintain because The Pod weighs less than half the legal requirement for brakes to be installed. Simply check the tyre pressures at the same time as checking those on your car, and that’s it. Simple.


Internal dimensions:
Length 240cm
Width 132 cm
Height (at highest point) 121 cm

External dimensions:
Length (including tow hitch) 328cm
Width (including wheel arches) 158cm
Height (at highest point) 157cm
Unladen weight (standard model) 320kg
Gross weight 500kg